Paola Daniella


Nicolas Basile

Paola Daniella and Nicolas Basile

How it all began...

The story of how Nick and Paola came to be is different depending on who you ask. Paola says they made it official at a sushi restaurant over her first Omakase experience. Nick says it happened in the wee hours of the morning on a beach rental balcony on Long Beach Island. Alas, what they do agree on is how effortless it was to fall madly in love.

It all happened so fast, a whirlwind really. The Summer of 2013 was filled with barbecues at Jordan's, Thursday's at Station House, and Sunday's at Morrison's. After Paola took a devastating loss in a Steinholding contest during Oktoberfest, she said I love you in the rain after an argument she picked in true John Hughes fashion. Six months later, they moved in together with their first fish, Ratatouille (RIP 4/14-3/17)

They've built a happy home together in their cozy Forest Hills apartment. He cooks, she cleans. He takes out the garbage, she folds the laundry. He makes her a cup of tea every night, and she supports him every time he wants to "grow" a tomato garden on the fire escape.

After four years of domestic bliss sprinkled with blatant wedding hints, Nick finally proposed on the morning of January 19th, 2018. She once told him to "make sure she's wearing waterproof mascara because she knew she would ugly cry". The ever so perceptive Nick caught Paola bare faced just as she sat down to do her makeup.

We are truly excited to have all of you celebrate with us in sunny Costa Rica!